Last Update: December 9, 2010

The 2010 Champions Regatta Series

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The Champions Regatta will be held March 12-13, 2011 in

Charleston, SC  at the James Island County Park facility

2011 CRS Qualifiers

Those eligible only, not those that will sail the event

Captain Sail # Club Area State/Region Cup and Position
Danny Thomas 1405 Maryland MD 2 2010 Trophy Winner
Chuck Luscomb 84 Deep River CT 1 Northeast 1st
Al Dion 74 Mystic CT 1 Northeast 2nd
Brian Jobson 86 Deep River CT 1 Northeast 4th
Jake Leo 10 Essex CT 1 Northeast 5th
Tim Stone 484 Stowe VT 1 Northeast 6th
Gerry Cobley 25 Raleigh NC 3a Dixie 1st
Chris Kakavas 36 Burlington NC 3a Dixie 2nd
Eric Olson   Atlanta GA 3a Dixie 3rd
John Bottensek 11 Jacksonville FL 3b Dixie 4th
Scott Vernon 80 Roswell GA 3a Dixie 5th
Mark Rinehart 66 Middletown DE 2 Colonial 2nd
David Brawner 53 Mount Laurel NJ 2 Colonial 3rd
Doug Wotring 51 Mechanicsville PA 2 Colonial 4th
Dave Ramos 05 Stevensville MD 2 Colonial 5th
Harry Mote 56 Barnegat NJ 2 Colonial 6th
Tony Rieck 82 Jacksonville FL 3b Florida 1st
Baron Bremer 81 Jacksonville FL 3b Florida 2nd
Dick Hedderick 38 Naples FL 3b Florida 3rd
Alan Perkins 14 The Villages FL 3b Florida 4th
Dr. Bob Greer 45 Lake Park FL 3b Florida 5th