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Last update June 1, 2004



Boat Registrations and the Responsibilities, June 2004


Dummy Reflections, Regatta Sailing Basics, February 2004


Phantom of the Bilge, Unmasked, July 2003

The radio mystery is solved.


Phantom of the Bilge, June 2003

A radio gear mystery.


Dummy Reflections, Fleet Racing a Fleet Race, July 2002

You want to fight or do you want to move up?


Dummy Reflections, Considerations and the Rules, June 2002

This is a reflection of using two rules and sailing faster.


Winch and Line Travel Resolution, Part 2, March, 2002

This shorter article has the report on the RMG Smartwinch 280c geared to 7.2 turns.


Bow Block Separation From Bulkhead, August, 2001

A tool to replace the eye screw for the bow turning block without cutting through the deck.


Winch and Line Travel Resolution and the RMG Winch, Part 1, July, 2001

This is a long article on sheet line resolution, which also includes considerable information on RMG winch models and the various drums available at this date.


Dummy Reflections January, 2001

This is a rather long paper on the enlightenments of a beginner entering big fleet racing. It covers nearly all of the mental processes that led to building design and actions on the water. This writing was with the beginning sailor in mind toward understanding the reasoning behind certain building processes.